S01 E02 - Listen To The Lies


We are living an archetypal story line of a science fiction; the world starts out as a familiar place, humane, then a new invention or discovery takes over, has wide-ranging consequences, and then the world is forever changed.

Listen to the lies,
is a satire on our digital footprint. Here, there is no limit to the multiplicity of spaces and identities the virtual bodies can inhabit. It’s second nature for us to imprint on these ideals and be consumed by them. Much like a tribesmen wearing the skull of his enemy, our physical and virtual bodies collide, we wear our digitally generated selves.

The graphic repeats visuals of the postmodern reality, where wires take over the space you occupy, glitches and error messages that follow you.

A raw and ethereal composition of animalistic parts, inspired from the intricacies of Indian Mythology, mutated to form creatures that are bizarre, unusual and yet, enigmatic and beautiful.


You see remininents of the lifestyle you once lived, allowing you to see through this glitched matrix to finally see the lies.

We want to lead the revolution of enlightenment against the degeneration of our society, urging you to break out of the box, understand how not to be taken advantage of in this world of likes and lies.

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